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Jay Amicarella, Writer
Jay started writing with vim and vigor in high school. A few years later, Jay started writing a comic strip about the crew and customers of a fictitious restaurant called Bentley's, based on Jay's experiences at the time as a manager working for Coco's Famous Hamburgers. The strip was later renamed Leftovers. An avid reader and Civil War history buff, Jay lives in a suburb of Portland, Oregon with his teenage daughter.

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Scott Leverenz, Cartoonist
When Scott was in grade school, all he wanted to do was draw cartoons... a few decades later, thats's still all he wants to do! Scott's patient wife Angie thinks it a phase he's going through. He did the cartooning for the Bentley's/Leftovers comic strips with Jay Amicarella and as developed other comic strips and cartoons over the years. Some of his work can be view at Leverenz.com. In the 1970's and early 80's, Scott also did a large volume of work with fellow cartoonist Steve Lindstedt under the umbrella of No-Jive Comix. Scott is also involved in web design, humorous illustration and writes a weblog with several long-time friends, know as "The Wheezer Society"
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George S Chappell, Concept
Dr Walter E Traprock was the pseudonym used by New York City architect and author George S Chappell for a series of books in the 1920's that were spoofs on travelouges that were very popular at the time. Chappell graduated from Yale in 1899 and studied in Paris for several years before returning to New York to pratice architecture. He wrote several other books, magazine articles and was, for a time the architecture critic for Vanity Fair, writing under the pseudonym "Tsquare". Chappell stopped writing in the mid-thirties and passed away in 1946.
You can read more about Chappell here.

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